Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Portishead is probably best known for their song off this album, Glory Box, which was featured in that, um, naughty Levis ad. You remember, the one with this couple flirting in an elevator while this kid looks on? Dark, slow and haunting, Dummy is a pioneering work in the downtempo "Bristol Sound" or "Trip Hop" genre that groups like Portishead and Massive Attack helped to popularize.

The music's perfect for that "wallow in self-pity" day, when you can totally understand why Beth Gibbons would pen lyrics like these (from Biscuit)
At last, relief
A mothers son has left me sheer
The shores I seek
Are crimson tastes divine
I can't make myself heard, no matter how hard I scream
The slow hiphop beats make for easy listening, and once you're hooked, you pay attention to the amazing songwriting on this album. On the flip side, it is kinda depressing, and unless your day's already feeling like it's got a flat, save this for a truly rainy day. You'll love yourself for it.

Rating: 5/5


Sonia said...

it's raining in dubai. so i guess it's time for me to try this one huh?

quills said...

Checked it out as you suggested...loved it. :) Even tho, I am in a happy mood today.

Jim said...

Sure, but rain (as in, the meteorological phenomenon) just begs you to stay home and curl up with a book...

Glad it didn't ruin your mood!