Monday, February 13, 2006


Not a good day at all. Things just seemed determined to be borked. My fingers for example. Even as I type this, I have to correct roughly one typo every two words. My otherwise well behaved FPGA board decided to go loco today. Scopes don't trigger when they should. LSAs do whatever the hell they feel like. Dave thinks it's because it's the 13th of the month. I found this Calvin and Hobbes kinda appropriate.

© Bill Waterson

Funny how we all used to pronounce Hobbes to rhyme with "coat", but after exposure to "Friends", it became Hobbes, rhyming with "cob". I suppose early adopters always suffer. I remember it was in 9th standard, waaaaay back in 1995 when Pradeep got a CnH to school during Lit Fest, and we couldn't stop laughing while the debate competition was going on! Pradeep, Pavan and Amit, while not reading CnH, were busy practicing for DC. Nerdy moi, on the other hand, was on Josephs Quiz Team B. Team A had the legendary duo of Shailesh Rai and Arjun RN. Together, we decimated the rest of Bangalore's quiz teams in almost every quiz we took part in. Fun stuff.

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