Monday, February 20, 2006

Garden State

I remember vaguely having rented Garden State from Blockbuster about, oh, a year back. Popped it into the player and... fell asleep. It was a busy week, and before I knew it, I had to return it and I didn't even watch the whole thing. Fast forward to yesterday and I watched it again, courtesy isohunt.

One word could sum up this movie: sublime! I could relate to Largeman's view of life as this sort of thing that sails by dreamily, occasionally populated by animated figures you can never figure out. The part I like best was when he's at Mark's party, and everyone's getting happy while he's just watching life sail right by. I think the drugs that did this to him are a metaphor for what "the daily grind" does to us: steals away the curiosity and wonder we were all born with. In a predicament like that, all you need is your own personal Sam to make the dreams sailing by stop and come back to life.

After watching it, I liked the music so much that, again, courtesy isohunt, was able to listen to the soundtrack. About the best OST I've ever heard. My favourite is In the Waiting Line by Zero 7. Close runners up include Don't Panic (Coldplay), New Slang (The Shins) and One Of These Things First (Nick Drake). The only reason Let Go and Lebanese Blonde are not on that list are because I've heard them before. Maybe the best part about this soundtrack is that while all the music (except for The Only Living Boy in New York) is new, it's still instantly listenable, the way only a classic could be.

Rating: 5/5

Where's my Sam now? :-(


Vaish said...

I loved the movie too.
And the soundtrack is brilliant!! :)

quills said...

I love the movie and the soundtrack is amazing. Zach Braff is absolutely funny in Scrubs as well.

Vaish said...

The pleasure was all mine.

You don't understand Hindi? I am guessing most theatres here show the movie with sub-titles....don't hey?

Vaish said...

5 points if anyone can locate the missing T.

Jim said...

Thank you Vaishnavi & Quills for stopping by. I wonder how Zach Braff pulls off that permanently puzzled look. Yes, my Hindi is a perennial source of mirth for my mom... and I'll collect those points, thank you :)