Friday, February 10, 2006

Indian Languages

I don't talk much to people, but among the few I'm lucky to meet are the guys I work with. We usually chat up on the ride to/from the radar site and during lunch about, well, all sorts of stuff. One topic that comes up quite often is language in India. It surprises them to know that there are so many spoken languages in our country, and that we're still not at each other's throats :-) Well, I guess it's for some other lunch break when I let them know about the shit that sometimes happens in Karnataka with Kannada activists doing stupid stuff like defacing buildings and signboards.

Just to set my facts straight, I headed for Wikipedia and looked up "Indian Languages". Twenty two "official" languages and 216 languages spoken by groups of 10,000 or more. Incredible! Something we should all be proud of. It shames me to say that my linguistic skills are right at the bottom of the barrel, I can only speak halting Malayalam and Kannada. I also found this article about Indian English, quite interesting. There was also this brightspark who thinks that Gujjus are the only Indians around! OK, that was mean, he was just using an example. Wow, a whole site dedicated to language in India! Cool.

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the wannabe indian punkster said...

gujus are the only Indians around....HA....considering the amount of Guju's in the States I wouldnt be surprised that he thought so....and Im glad you think Thinkgeek rocks!!!! I love them....gawd Im a certified geek now.......:P