Sunday, February 12, 2006

My HT system

I moved my Onkyo HT to my room, from the living room, where I never got to use it anyway. Now I can listen to Strangelove by Depeche Mode in peace :-) I first tried just snapping a pic with the camera defaults and it looked ugly. So I decided to stop it down to f2.8 and used a shutter speed of 1/4. Lacking a tripod, I stacked some boxes on a chair, but there's still a bit of shake. I wish I had a camera capable of cable release!

Yes, that's my RV Youth Festival '99 gift clock! Boy, that was seven years ago... I'm getting old.


Div said...

It looks really cool, the way you've arranged your comp and amp. I think I could catch a glimpse of your iPod earphones too :)

Jim said...

Err... no, those would be my Sony MDR-EX71s. The kind I gave you. The ones I use on the road and at work are Shure E2Cs. I no longer need earphones at home... not with a 650W space heater/amp on my desk!