Sunday, February 26, 2006

Spring Creek Trail

Today I did something I usually don't do: get out of home :)

I took a nice long walk down Spring Creek Trail, a bike trail through the middle of Fort Collins, along the banks of Spring Creek. The weather had warmed up and I needed to take my mind of, uh, things (refer previous post). It was good to be able to walk and not need my iPod to block out the sound of traffic. Instead got to enjoy birds cheeping, honking or quacking, depending on species. Around spring, Canada geese migrate back to their breeding grounds, and it seems like NE Colorado is a major hub/terminal of some sort, they're everywhere! You can also see great V-shaped formations of geese flying north. There were a couple of Mallard nests on the way too.

One of the funnier sights on the way was a telephone junction box with this sticker on it. Derived from the Obey Giant urban phenomenon, I found the Bush likeness absolutely hilarious! A jogger further down the trail thought I was nuts because I was still laughing! Also note the attempts to scrape the sticker off... Fort Collins is a conservative town despite the University.

That walk was just what I needed. It cleared my head of some of the tensions that built up over the weeks. I should do this more often. If only my bike wasn't stolen...

Later at night, though, I got reminded why I was in that state in the first place: I went to Zydecos, a local pub with my roommates. As usual, I did my "thing" of standing around, busying myself staying out of people's way. By 10:30 there were the usual bunch of girls trying to get attention from atop the bar (it's supposedly a tradition). My only regret was that the pretty barkeep was not working the bar tonight :/ Each time I go there I wonder why I bother. I can always buy some vodka and coke from the liquor store, so it's not the drink. The women who'd frequent a place like that most likely have no interest in someone who's sole joy on a Saturday night is to buy a Gyro from a street vendor. And my roommates are busy with, um, other things, so maybe I'll just stop. There was, of course, that one time I got hit on by a gay dude... at least it's nice to know I have options.


joji said...

Since when did you become a bird watcher? LOL!!!

Good to read your blog!

Jim said...

No no, Joji, my point was there are so many geese here they end up watching YOU! Picture it: one lonely guy walking down the sidewalk, 10,000 geese strutting around on a nearby field, eyeing your every move.


Why do I talk about effing geese so much? Sheesh...