Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Things work again!

After yesterday, I almost didn't want to touch my scope and LSA at work today for fear that I may jinx them all over again... so I busied myself with getting Linux onto yet another Athlon-MP S2460 machine. This time, I was careful, so I ran memtest86, made sure that everything checked out OK. Then I started the install, with some hiccups along the way coz I couldn't decide if I should make a RAID-1 array out of the two 60GB WD Caviar drives. Anyway, while RAID is nice, I figured it's not safe to make the bootable drive a RAID because recovery is that much harder. It installed, booted fine, sat there for a while... and locked up! CURSES! Rebooting gave me four beeps - bad RAM! Tossed one module out (these are expensive babies: ECC, registered) and it booted fine, ran a Prime95 torture test for a solid two hours with no signs of stress. Good good...

All the time away from my tangled mess of LSA probes cleared my head, and I hunted down bugs in the design much more easily. And guess what, no coffee except for my morning cup! *yawn*

Today's album: Images and Words by Dream Theater. Whoa, awesome! Portnoy really shows off his double-bass! Spesh mention: Surrounded and Wait for Sleep.

Rating: 5/5

Wilfred and Tony, from Div's old band Mixed Fruit Jam, are huge DT fans, and I remember how they used to practice so hard playing Surrounded until they got it just right...

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