Monday, February 13, 2006

The Ultimate YES

I first heard a Yes track when we used to live in California, my dad used to record stuff off the local FM radio channels. The song was, of course, "Owner of a Lonely Heart". For 19 years, that was the *only* Yes track I had heard, so when I was in NY I did something about it: I bought this! I like their style, and their skill is right up there with my favourite Rush. Songs I like in particular are Yours is no Disgrace, And You and I, Tempus Fugit and Rhythm of Love. I suppose it does very little justice to a band that has recorded 19 studio albums, but for a beginner, I think it's a good intro to Yes.

Rating: 4/5


Vinit said...

And you were in NY, _when_ exactly?

In case you were wondering ... I live across the river from NYC

kickassso said...

dude checked out that onkyo reciever of yours.looks sweet!where's the center and sub btw:-?

cant believe ya like ut and electronics:P...what are you doing your MS for anyway:-?

silverine said...

I need to leave a thank you note here. I saw the words "owner of a lonely heart' next to your blog entry on Kerala Blog Roll and came over here. This is one of my fav 80's hits and I was so glad to get the link to the video here. Thank you.

quills said...

Jim, I love the track Owner of a Lonely heart. Not really familiar with their other songs or albums. But I do like 'Love will find a way' as well.