Sunday, February 12, 2006

Us and Them

Trawling around other blogs today, I found out something rather... horrifying. I had always thought that to a point, communal divisions and notions of "us and them" were something common only to our parents and grandparents, and that we had overcome these to some extent. Then I find some bloggers, who are probably younger than me who think that religious tolerance is the root of all evil and that in the name of "appeasing" minorities, Hindus in India are themselves subjugated. This sounds terrifyingly like propaganda used by pre-war Nazis. Some question why Hindus, whose sensibilities are apparently being walked all over in India, don't rise up and behave like mobs in the middle east reacting to events they see as threatening or insulting to Islam.

I, for one, am a devout atheist, and that alone will probably mark me with an "ignore" flag. The thinking, apparently, is that your opinions count only if you're religious. One can only hope that the said bloggers see the light that this sort of bigotry leads nowhere, and that the time is ripe for demonstrating that you can be religious and tolerant at the same time. A time to show how much better we are than those whose only solution to everything is violence.

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Vinit said...

I believe that such ideas cannot change just with a generational shift.

I think it's a more sharp and one-shot action that allows for such a shift in thinking.