Thursday, March 09, 2006

Dazed and Confused!

Not as many updates as I had planned in the last few days. This is one of the reasons why. It's my revision 1 waveform synthesizer board. After slaving over it for months, I found that inherent design problems in the digital upconverters (these are hiding under the blue heatsinks) won't let me use the board the way I wanted to. The design for Rev. 2 is done, and is at the PCB fab right now. Hope it works the way it should...

Anyway, we live and learn, or so I'm told. Mistakes I made on this board should be fixed on the new one, of course, to reveal more. The rat race. Now on a board. I should get in touch with Milton Bradley...

Then this snow's driving me nuts. The snow in Fort Collins is usually powdery and dry, but for the last few days it's the east-coast type thick, wet snow. It's so icky, it clings to you like a puppydog ex-love. Now I know how she must've felt. Damn.
I hope they catch the bastards responsible for the bomb blasts in Ayodhya. Spineless morons can't even agree on who's responsible.


Karthik said...

Somehow, I haven't spent much time thinking about the blasts. I have read the paper, just that the pictures didn't make any effect on me.

Frankly, I think there are so many concerns that even people dying makes you feel "The earth is lighter". Pardon me.

quills said...

Have no clue what an upcoverter means. :)But congrats anyway on the successful completion of your task.

I totally agree with you..I hope they catch the mastermind and other crooks involved in the recent blast.

Jim said...

To each his own... unfortunately, some people's rage is, well, impotent.

I could give you a crash course, but then why would you want one? Anyway, I won't know if my task is really done for another week or two.
The way they're bickering and falling over eachother to claim responsibility, I'm guessing even if there's a master, he doesn't deserve to be called a 'mind'.

Grafxgurl said...

i seen the movie... am still dazed and confoosed.

if i tried to build that id smolder everythign into one big ooey lump.

i LOVE milton bradley... but i dont like barbie.

oh and thanks for dropping by my blog. welcome anytime!

Jim said...

I just looked up the movie... sounds interesting! isohunt, here I come! I was referring to the Led Zeppelin song, though: "Lot's of people talking, but few of them know/Soul of a woman was created below"

A nod and a wink to Jaidev, wherever you are!

Karthik said...


Rage....I have seen precisely one person who was able to channel his anger. And he served in the Indian Army. The rest of the civlian crowd can, well, only talk.

Riddhi said...

I fear the blasts are a sign of things to come... sadly, they are part of a bigger problem :(