Sunday, March 19, 2006

Good People do Exist

It's almost a fixture of the growing-up process, that we become cynical and doubt everyone's intentions. I don't personally know anyone who's past their mid-twenties and still has a predominantly optimistic view of life. Friends, colleagues, room mates, significant others (oh, don't get me started...) end up nothing like you imagined they'd be. Occasionally, though, there's the spark of decency that tends to make a believer out of me for a while. Case in question: my friend Karthik, who's hit a rough spot, found out that he could count on some of his friends to help him get through... we're with you, Kazi! Think you can help? Visit Karthik's blog and leave a message.


Dewaker Basnet said...

good to have frens like u:)

Karthik said...


Thanks you so much for the ongoing support. It has really carried us through a bad patch. Its not the first time, though that you have helped us!! Hope we can be of equal help in your time of need!

quills said...

I agree with you. Good people do exist. Unfortunately sometimes only a catastrophic event brings the inherent goodness of most people out in the open. Case in point,
outpouring of help from total strangers during disasters like the hurricane, tsunami, earthquakes etc. But still as you pointed out and like your friend discovered, I too believe in the innate goodness of human beings. I especially liked the movie Crash coz of the same sentiment they tackle in it.

Jim said...

Thanks! :)

No problemo, my man! (Bart Simpson voice) And thanks!

I think that every one of us has in us the capability to express compassion, it's just that it takes a lot to shake it out of some folks. One common carrot-and-stick approach is religion (ie, do good and God will reward you). The trouble is that it only goes so far, and the ones who get hurt are the ones who need help the most. Even in the case of humanitarian aid, I've read stories of how in famine-stricken areas of Africa where children were dying for want of medicines, people sent plane loads of -- get this -- condoms. I'm not usually one to judge, and this may well have been a mistake, but it seems to me like someone's conscience got pricked and they sent whatever they had handy.

I never saw Crash in that light before, I always focussed on the racism aspect. Thanks!

Maya Cassis said...

good people do exist in blogs but am searching for them in real life:)

Jim said...

Patience, my friend... that's all it takes. In fact, it's kinda hard to find decent folk even in blogland. Thanks for stopping by!