Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Life minus Vestiges

First off, I'd like to say there's nothing like a few comments to make me realize I actually have a blog... thanks all :)

Damn Sinuses!On with the topic: I wish that once we're maybe past the age of self realization (5-6 for most of us, possibly 18+ for a few "duuuhs"), we should be given a choice to get rid of vestiges we don't need. Like nasal sinuses, for example. Every now and then they painfully remind you of their meaningless existence, by filling up and hurting like effing hell.

Days go by where all you think about is "careful not to make sudden movements with your head", drugged out on painkillers and coffee (to stay awake through it all). Supposedly they make your skull lighter. Hogwash! Why then, does it feel like a ton of quick-drying concrete poured down your nose while you were asleep??? Must be aliens behind all of this. Yeah. Should keep those windows locked at night...

The worst part is that it leaves you frustrated and crabby, snapping at people for very little reason, if any. Routine things like winblowz crashing (yes, it's almost periodic!) which I'd otherwise brush off and treat with a three-finger-salute, blow up into episodes of blinding rage. Almost like Mrs. Joe in Great Expectations. Which may be why my keyboard's missing a few keys :(

Speaking of keyboards, methinks I should treat myself and get me one of these. Still, at $149 a pop, I'll make sure it's safely stowed away before the next sinus attack.


quills said...

You are very welcome!:) I like your posts..altho I have to own up I sometimes don't understand half of it..the technical jargon I am referring to here. :) But I am learning a lot of stuff too.

Btw, hope your sinuses have cleared..well it must have I am guessing since you managed to sit and write this post. :)

Jim said...

Thanks for the feedback, I will try to tone down the techspeak and/or include explanations. And no, it looks like the quick-drying concrete is here to stay :(

quills said...

oh..please don't change your writing style. I am learning your techno speak. :)So most beneficial.

Wild Reeds said...

Nasal sinuses are the worst. I have a friend who went through a few operations and still didn't completely eradicate the problem. He could be completely incapacitated by it, but now he's much better :-(
Get well soon. I am sure you will.

Artful Badger said...

i have had a sprained ankle for the last 3 weeks and its such a nuisance..its a nagging pain that much get to you when you decide to climb the stair..
forget about going to the gymm

the wannabe indian punkster said...

Well at $149 I'd rather get the Prada bag(on sale!) which Ive been eyeing for a while now...but... *ahem*.....thats just me...

And stuffed sinuses are a bloody pain.

Join the club of 'frustrated denizens coping with cloggedsinusoitis'....:D

Ive had it for about a week now, and its no fun.


Jim said...

Whatever you say, dear :)

Wild Reeds,
Aren't they? Lots of expensive scans, minor surgery, nosebleeds galore and many embarrassing doctors' visits later, they still don't know what's the cause. And thankyoo!

Take care of that ankle, and be sure to post regular updates from your psych class :)

To each their own... just like you'd think a keyboard's "just to type", I'd think a bag's "just to carry stuff". Oh the horror!

I'm gonna try this to see if it helps.

Vinit said...

Sorry. Once you've gone Natural (thats Microsoft natural) you can't go back!

And for laptops, the gold standard in keyboards (and the red pointy mouse-thingy) is IBM.
However "un-techie" that sounds, all my laptop purchase decisions are based on a single fact ... needs to have an IBM (or IBM-quality) keyboard and pointy mouse.

(Yeah, I know it's called TrackPoint, but c'mon Trackpoint vs. Red-pointy-thing ... no comparision in coolness)

if I ever have a fracture (or worse) the i'll get this single-handed keyboard ... FrogPad

Jim said...

Microsoft natural??? Ick, yuck, bleah! One of the reasons I covet the Matias keyboard so much is it doesn't have a key with the frikkin winblowz logo on it! Then again, Cherry makes keyboards that have a Tux logo instead!

Red pointy things, I can never get used to them. Even the purple pointy thing on my ugh-yuck Dell. I'm a mouse-only kinda guy. Yes, Doug Engelbart would be proud!

quills said...

Happy Easter, Jim! :)

quills said...

Hi Jim! You have been tagged. :)

Vaish said...

Hope you're feeling better Jim!

That keyboard looks splendid. I wonder if it has the french alphabets? It is so annoying to get those on a regular keyboard. Bah!

Jim said...

Vaish, they do have international characters marked on them, but they work only with a Mac.

You can get international characters with any keyboard in Linux and Windows too, although I'm not sure how.