Friday, May 05, 2006


Tick tock!Time. The final frontier. The one thing we can almost simultaneously have too much and too little of. Both equally tragic. There's times when I think I'd never see the end of something, can't wait for it to be over, wishing I could reach escape velocity and break free from time's grasp. There's other times I find yourself mulling over "if I spend two minutes a day waiting for a bus, that means I waste a whole hour every month. A whole hour!!! DAMN!!!". For completely different reasons, though, there are times when I wish time would stop whooshing by, to smell the roses, as the saying goes. Once in a while, I get a chance, and guess what, I smell manure instead of the roses that grow in it. Bleah.

Tick tock, tick tock. Every minute I sweep under the rug is a ticking little time bomb, and the ticking's driving me nuts! Where's that light at the end of the tunnel when you need one?

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bharath said...

I hear you my brother. I hear you.

quills said...

Oh so true. There are so many times, when hours go faster than secs, especially when you are with a loved one or doing something you love, and there are times, when you keep glancing at the clock so many times, willing it to go a bit more faster.

Hope life is treating you well. :)


Jim said...

I put a comment in here... I know I did... :-(

Thanks Bharath and Quills...

Nikhil said...

Calvin: You know how everyone says you should stop and smell the roses? Well, this morning I did. BIG DEAL! They smelled like a bunch of dumb flowers! It was the most mundane experience I've ever had! Who's got time for this nonsense! I'm a busy guy! I've got things to do! The LAST thing I need is to stand around with my nose in some silly plant!
Hobbes: I'm glad you found time for this edifying conversation.
Calvin: Yeah well, I'm going to have to wrap it up. My TV show is about to start.