Saturday, August 19, 2006

Devil's Workshop?

I don't know why, but I was listening to Massive Attack's Karmacoma (from the album Protection) today, and felt like posting this:
You sure you want to be with me
I've nothing to give
Won’t lie and say this lovin's best
Leave us in emotional peace
Take a walk, taste the rest
No, take a rest
A weekend away from work, and all I can do is sit at home and introspect? Ugh, shame on me!

Been waiting to try it, so when I got an invite, I thought I'd try Blogger's Beta version. The changeover is pretty painless, despite having a modified template in place. The changes are minimal, the most obvious is post categories (even though I don't see where I can type them in). They've also finally switched to using dynamically generated pages, so there's no more delay when doing a "publish".

Fort Collins is slowly coming back to life, since the university's fall semester starts on Monday. Previously empty streets are now filled with overenthusiastic freshmen, screaming their lungs out. If I don't hear one more "WOO HOO!!!" at 2:30 AM, it'll be too soon :-/ Heck, even as I type this, there's a cop car right outside my window, setting up a pretty lightshow with all them blinkenlights!


Grafxgurl said...

how does one get an invite to BLogger beta?!! :/ is it like the Gmail invite?

oh reality strikes hard for the party people!!

oh and this one asks me to sign in with my google account!! what if i dont want to display my email address!?!! isnt the Blogger sign in any different!?!!

Jim said...

No, they pick a random number of users every so often. I read about this a while back, and yesterday I found a "switch to blogger beta" link, so I tried it. Didn't know it asks for a different password now, anyway, your gmail address is safe.

Heh, about the reality strikes hard part, it's some consolation for the "normal" folk, huh? :)