Saturday, August 12, 2006

Meet a real genius

Pretenders like me should take notes from this guy: Steve Wozniak. I found an excellent interview he gave, where he talks about his approach to computer design. The one thing I noticed was the enthusiasm and the pride with which he talks about his designs, and how proud he was that "even back in high school I knew I could design computers with half as many chips as the companies were selling them with." It's really quite sad when the real genius behind Apple computer gets sidelined in favour of the other Steve, but then as Woz notes in the interview, he doesn't really care, as long as he gets to show off the next new gadget he'd designed. Awesome, I wish I knew more about this man when I was in high school.


Grafxgurl said...

The Mac is the god of all computers... i am a firm believer in the ahem.. not just i have one...but because it is living proof that beauty and taste CAN be incorporated into anything to do with computers.

Jim said...

That may be true, but Woz didn't design the Mac. He did Apple's first two computers, the Apple I and Apple II. They started producing Macs after they got rich selling Apple IIs.

As far as external design goes, I kinda like the elegant simplicity of Sun's new Opteron based workstations and servers

Funny, your profile pic features a Powerbook :)

Grafxgurl said...

sorry lol i did mean the Apple company.. i just call it the Mac * smacks self for being duh* even the logo!! The Apple.. perfect learning symbol?

noooooooooo * wails* i dont like the Sun workstations!!..sigh theyre too boxy * :(

yes... :D im gonna get one the future that is. lol

quills said...

You know although this name sounds vaguely familiar or perhaps not, it is only through your post that I gained some valuable info about the "other" Steve.

So deviating from the topic, but because I know you are a Comp wiz plus a lover of music and gadgets, what should I pick? An ipod with video or an iRiver or something else totally different that I have never even heard of? Thanks. :)

Jim said...

An apple as a symbol of learning... good one! Guess I never thought of it in that way.

Sun used to make more curvaceous machines in the past, but for some reason, chose to use a really sickening shade of purple plastic. Methinks the new look is a step forward.

Glad I could help :) Your choice of music player boils down mostly to cost. Also, would you use a music subscription service? If so, you may want to weigh iTunes vs. whatever iRiver uses. I mostly use my iPod with my own MP3 files, so it doesn't matter. In terms of ease of use, an iPod may be easier at first, but in time you get used to pretty much any player. The 5G iPod and the Nano are both very prone to scratches, so if you get one, get a protective film for it ASAP.

quills said...

Thanks a lot Jim. :) I knew I could count on you. I guess I am leaning towards an ipod after all.