Monday, November 27, 2006

More pix

You remember the CHILL radar security force, right? Well, we now have a PR rep too:

CHILL PR Rep :-)

Some days back, we had some unusually heavy frost. Winter wonderland? Well, err... almost!

Winter Wonderland... kinda!


Vinit Bhansali said...

Dunno about you and cats man!

But that winter wonderland sure looks great, esp when seen from the 14 degree NJ weather (and sunlight, no less).

Thats celsius, for you types.

Jim said...

14 C, you lucky dawg! And here I am, hugging myself to keep warm :/ Trust me, at the first sight of frost or snow, RUN!

Grafx said...

aiyooo. whats with all the puddy tats!??!
i LAO the cold weather.thats why i LAO Canada so much! im way too warm blooded. sheesh.

Sasi Kumar said...