Saturday, December 23, 2006

Pattern matching

Here's a cool video:

Set to Apollo 440's Machine in the Ghost, it's a good example perhaps of our amazing ability to pattern match -- grep, if you will -- faces out of randomness. It's not something we're born with, it's a learned trait, from all the smiling faces that peered down at us when we were toddlers. Honed when we're looking for faces in clouds. It's actually quite entertaining to look for faces in radar data too :)

Funny how Apollo 440 always tends to get written off as "yet another no-talent electronic band". For the naysayers:

...a live rendition of their tribute to Gene Krupa.

The incredibly catchy studio version's on Youtube too:

I tried once to get a drummer friend interested in them... and he lost my borrowed copy of Electro Glide in Blue. Hey Willie, you owe me that CD!!! Did I ever mention I like drum 'n' bass? Goo...