Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Clapton adventure

Proving that I can have at least a semblance of a life, I went to watch Eric Clapton play at the Pepsi Center, Denver :) S. told me about it way back in January, the day tickets went on sale. Stupidly, I waited for a day before trying to buy them. That, coupled with the quirky Ticketmaster website ended up with us having to hunt for an outlet to get our tickets. Just our luck then, that the guy at the counter turned out to be a real "duuuh" type, promised us almost front-row tickets, and then printed out something way in the back. Joy. Anyway, we took them since Clapton's so popular in the Denver area, he was sold out just a few hours after sales began :)

Fearing long queues, we left three hours early. An hour later, Denver's confusing roads got the better of S. and we spent a bit driving around in circles. We got to the venue to find a *huge* crowd, most of whom had more than a few streaks of white hair... sometimes it's good to feel young ;D S. bought a T-shirt, and I got both a tee and a hat.

The ticket said "No Cameras or Recorders", and I stupidly believed it. Everyone else though, had a camera and were clicking away. All I had was my cellphone's crummy VGA cam, so until I whack pix from someone else's blog, these will have to do.

Show started at 7:30, with Robert Cray opening. I'm really ashamed to say I didn't know who he was till last night, because damn he could play the blues!!! He sounded a bit like Marvin Gaye on one song, or so I thought.

After a short intermission, Slowhand himself came onstage and opened with a more rocksy Tell The Truth. I kept telling S. that the arena, the general stage layout, etc. kinda resembled Floyd's Pulse concert, right down to the little dance the backup singers did :) Clapton was joined onstage by Doyle Bramhall II and Derek Trucks. Again, not having heard them before, I was just blown away by the awesome skill on display. Trucks played slide, while Doyle had more diverse roles.

That pic above is supposed to be of the second part of the set where the band did a sit down set of Driftin' Blues, Outside Woman Blues, Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out and Running On Faith. This was easily my favourite part of the main set.

As the last song of the main set, he played Layla which had the crowd going nuts... imagine a stadium full of 50+ folks screaming! The momentum carried on, and we had to yell and scream for almost five whole minutes before the band came back onstage and blew everyone away with a two-track encore with Cocaine and Crossroads :) Robert Cray joined in on Crossroads, where his powerful voice gave the song a new depth. Awesome stuff! S. and I kinda stumbled out, not wanting to believe it was really over.

My first concert here... and I loved every minute of it!

(in case you're wondering why I called it an adventure, it's coz of what happened on the way back home... but I'm not sure if S. would appreciate me writing about it here.)


HeShoots_AndScores said...

Hey, I went to the opener of the same tour at Madison Sq. Garden. IT was really good. Get 'Heavy Picks' if you liked Cray and 'Soul Serenade' if you like Derek Trucks. BTW, Derek Trucks is Butch Trucks' (who co-formed Allman Bros. Band) nephew.

Apart from your musical escapades, how goes?

Grafxgurl said...

uhoh.. WHAT happened on the way home? *giggle* or can i let my imagination go wild?

sigh.. im waiting to go to a concert...actually.. im waiting for ANY kind of fun to happen!!

Jim said...

Long time... you should have written about the tour opener, would love to hear more about it. And thanks for the pointers, I will look for those albums. Didn't Trucks actually play for ABB sometime? BTW, it's "musical escapade", don't throw plurals in there and throw people off! :-)

Don't let me stunt your imagination, but suffice to say it was a run-in with smalltown cops. Ask Ed, he'll tell you what that implies :) You live in effing Nashville, TN and you complain about there being no concerts??? Then again, maybe you're not a country fan. Also, subscribe to, they'll send you mail when something big is about to happen.

ursjina said...

looks like u had a lot of fun...u can just feel it in ur words..:)..yup me too lov cray..;)

Jim said...

Thanks Jina, I just wish that that crap didn't happen on the way back :/