Monday, March 26, 2007

There goes the neighbourhood

One half of me is completely outraged. The other half says "damn, 11 years too late!" Apparently, Josephs is going co-ed.

"Unfurl the flag of faith and toil" indeed... Oh well, at least the Christmas plays won't have some sheepish looking guy playing Mother Mary!

In other news, S. clued me in that Rush will be playing at Red Rocks, Denver in August!!! Preparing to spend the next few days trawling for the best possible tix. Imagine, Neil Peart playing O Baterista*... LIVE!!! I really hope they play Available Light too, unfortunately it's from the less popular Presto.

* props to anyone who can name the time Peart makes his only mistake in that blistering performance


Vinit Bhansali said...

However, nothing sucks more than being class of '07 vs. class of '08!!!

Grafxgurl said...

i always was against all-girls and all-boys schools... hmphh....
i did my 11 and 12 in a coed school and those were the best years ever!!!...boys have way beter humor than girls do.. plus i was a tomboy so i fit in well..... the girls thought otherwise.. but who cared...

Jim said...

Heh! Sounds like bitter experience talking?

Nothing like that, I meant that all the traditions in our school are gonna get tossed out the window. Maybe you haven't met too many Josephites, we tend to dwell too much on our school's history. Meh. And if by sense of humour you mean practical jokes, then yes I agree with you. Otherwise, hmm, jury's out ;-)

Biby Cletus said...

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Jim said...

Thanks for the comments!

silverine said...

I did my 11th and 12th in a co-ed too. It was fun! And made some realy good guy friends too. But nothing can beat the privacy of an all girls least till the 10th.

p.s I heard the news too and some members of my extended family are also saying *damn!!!* :P

Jim said...

What changes in 11th standard? I've seen the argument before, never understood it.

Must be tough, eh, with Josephites in the family? :-)